Getting started

For Frigg to work with your project, follow these three simple steps.

1. Add Github Webhook

  1. Go to your project repository on Github
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Webhooks & Services
  4. Click Add Webhook

  5. Add as the Payload URL
  6. Set Content Type to application/json
  7. Click on Send me everything
  8. Click Update webhook

From now on, when you push you code changes to Github, Frigg will build and test the code.

2. Create .frigg.yml

Frigg supports a number of languages and frameworks out of the box by detecting common project files in the code. However, if you want more steps than just running mvn test or tox, it is recommended to create a .frigg.yml file.

3. Login

Visit and click Login in the upper most right corner to sign in. By signing in, Frigg will be able to build your private projects, and only users with permissions to view the repository will be able to see the build and test status for the builds.


Since Frigg is in a beta phase all projects need approval before they can be built on. If you think it is taking way to long before your project is approved you can send us a mail at [email protected]

About Github permissions

We ask for write permissions to your repositories. We actually do not want to, however there is no way around this. Github does not have a permission scope in their API that gives read-only access to repositories. We try our best to keep the scope of the permissions we ask for at a minimum.